Dawn Phenomenon: Why Morning Glucose Level Is High?

Dawn phenomenon (Dawn Effect) is a condition where glucose level is higher in the morning rather than throughout the day.

dawn phenomenon

Basics of the dawn phenomenon in diabetes

According to ‘Endocrine Practice 2005‘, approx 55% of the diabetic patient has high glucose in the fasting test than PP.

This is normal for most of the people around the world who delayed their first meal. But the ADA makes the guideline that they are diabetic.

Causes of the dawn phenomenon in diabetes

There is 2 primary cause of this dawn phenomenon in diabetes:

1. Glycogen released but no presence of insulin

During the night, our body releases 2gm glycogen (a form of glucose stored in the liver) every hour but due to the absence of insulin blood glucose remains in the blood.

Why insulin is absent in our body during the night?

It is because insulin was produced only the time of eating. And generally, we don’t eat after dinner, so no insulin.

This is the first reason for the Dawn Phenomenon.

2. Human behavior of delayed meal

Whenever we take a meal, our body reserve some glucose in the liver and some are sent in the blood to be absorbed by the body cells. Glycogen is a
stored glucose in the liver.

Each person’s bodywork in a different way. Some people waked up and take their breakfast early and some people delayed their breakfast due to various reasons. Their body understands the behavior of that person which is repeating daily.

Thus, glycogen was released to their body in the morning to maintain the sugar level and to give energy to that person. So the person can do their normal physical activity in the morning.

Conspiracy of Dawn Phenomenon In Diabetes

As you can see the causes of the dawn phenomenon in diabetes, this is the normal process of the body. But ADA had to push those people into diabetes and force them to take medications or long-acting insulin which works overnight.

So, please don’t be panic with high glucose in the morning. Check with your doctor and understand the condition. Above all, medication and insulin will weaken our body’s immune system which leads to various diseases like diabetes, cancer, heart, etc. So avoid and try natural diet to reduce the dawn effect.

So, my motive is to give awareness to people to live healthy and disease-free. If you think these articles help you, please like and share to the person need this knowledge.