Diabetes Type 2 Treatment | How You Lose Health With It?

When a person is diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, the doctor may start treatment like medicine or insulin.

But do you know the increased level of glucose level is just a symptom of diabetes? The actual cause of diabetes is insulin resistance. The real causes of diabetes are different for different types of diabetes. But the advisor starts treatment to lower the sugar level only.

Type 2 Diabetes

In type 1 diabetes, no beta-cell is present to produce insulin.

In type 2 diabetes, the beta cell is producing insulin but due to insulin-resistant, body cell is not absorbing glucose from the blood

The fact of Diabetes Type 2 Treatment

No one bothers to cure diabetes, they only interest in treating your diabetes. Especially the pharmaceutical or insulin company, who never wants you to cure diabetes because of the huge profit in this disease.

Today, around 450 million people in the world are diabetic and each person is spending at least $2 monthly for medication. Now imagine how the pharma company is making a huge profit from this single disease. It’s a very big conspiracy we will discuss later on this website.

What is traditional Diabetes Type 2 Treatment?

Insulin Therapy

This is the most common therapy used in type 1 patients. People with type 1 looses all of their beta cells in the pancreas, due to which insulin production process is stopped. But to fulfill the need for insulin in the body we have to inject insulin supplements.

Type 1 patient has to take insulin many times throughout the day, before or after the meal.

But in type 2 patients, insulin is not necessary at the initial stage. At the beginning of diabetes type 2, they can start the medication to lower the blood sugar.

There are many types of insulin available in the market. The doctor may prescribe different insulin as per the condition of the patient.

Fast-acting insulin

Patients whose glucose level spikes immediately after eating, they also need fast-acting drugs.The effect of Fast-acting injection starts within 15 min and lasts up to 4 hrs.

Intermediate-acting insulin

It enters in the body with a slower rate but it acts for a long time. This is more effective on a patient with the problem of high glucose in fasting. It act overnight and helps to maintain the sugar level normal in the morning. It normally peaks at 4 hrs and lasts up to 12 hrs.

Long-acting insulin

It enters the bloodstream at a very slow rate and acts for 24 hrs. It doesn’t peak at any time rather it stabilizes blood glucose levels for the whole day. This is useful throughout the day and night.

The biggest risk of insulin is Hypoglycemia. In this case, blood glucose becomes extremely low in the blood. So, in the case of insulin therapy, proper monitoring of glucose is important before any changes in doses.


At the beginning of type 2 patients, the doctor can prescribe medicine. Primary medicine will be the metformin. It helps to sensitize insulin so that insulin can carry the glucose to the cells or organs of the body.

Many more medications are available in the market. Your doctor may prescribe 1 or more medications to lower the blood glucose. You might need amylin injection to lower the slower movement of meal in the gut so that glucose reaches in the blood slowly.

Less Traditional Therapy

Bariatric surgery

It is a surgery in which stomach size is reduced by banding or by cutting a portion of the stomach. However, bariatric surgery is still under the experimental process.

Adjustable gastric banding
Image source: Wikipedia – bariatric surgery

It helps in losing the weight of an obese person. Losing weight can result in increased insulin sensitivity and helps diabetes person to lower the blood sugar.

The recent guidelines from American Society for Metabolic & Bariatric Surgery suggest that any patient with a BMI of more than 30 with comorbidities is a candidate for bariatric surgery.

Islet Transplant for type 1

This therapy is still under experiment and only available to the person involve in studies.

In this treatment, the islet cell was replaced with a donor healthy islet cell so that it can start reproducing the insulin. However, the immune system rejects the foreign organ. But with the help of medicine, it is suppressed to accept that organ.

How You Lose Health With Diabetes Treatment?

Till now, medical science has no cure for diabetes. As a result, we are using medicine or insulin to just lower the sugar level.

But do you know using medication to lower the sugar level is more dangerous? It weakens our immune system day by day and interferes in the operation of the body As a result, the various more severe disease occurs. For example – cancer, heart, cholesterol, and many more diseases.

If we see last decade, diabetes only found in old age person and now it’s common in young, teen and even child also. It’s all because of our lifestyle and an unhealthy diet. Medication lowers the person span of life

How you can avoid Diabetes Type 2 Treatment and cure yourself without medicine?

By changing your lifestyle and diet you can easily manage your diabetes, especially in type 2 diabetic condition. However, it will be also helpful in type 1 diabetes to avoid the toxicity of insulin. Let’s see how it can help you.


You can easily control your blood sugar by changing your diet. Remove carbs from your diet and you can see amazingly drops in your glucose level.

Add lots of fruits and raw vegetables in your daily meal. It will help reducing glucose levels. Because of low carbs in these diets, glucose level can’t go up